Invest in the Future of Our Workforce - STL Youth Jobs
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Invest in the Future of Our Workforce

Get Involved – Invest

Our youth want to work!

In 2013, we employed 200 youth. In 2019, we employed more than 700 youth.  However, each year more than 1700 youth applied. Our ability to employ them is limited only by our ability to fund jobs.


One Youth Job

STL Youth Jobs is actively seeking partners who wish to invest in the future of our workforce.

We view our donors as investors and we’re serious about delivering a return on your investment. We measure the effectiveness of our program, practice continual improvement, and strive to impact youth indicators that will pay dividends to our youth participants as well as our region for years to come.

  • There are almost 40,000 “unengaged” youth in St. Louis who are neither working nor in school.1
  • The average unengaged youth costs taxpayers over $215,500 over the course of their lifetime.2
  • One youth job costs $2500, or only about 1% of the burden on society if youth fail to engage.

We believe the future of our workforce, our region, and our youth are worth proactive investment, and research shows that youth employment is a powerful place to invest.

Why do our partners invest?

Youth employment is an issue that impacts a wide range of indicators, and our partners have invested for a broad range of priorities that matter to them, including:

  • Workforce Development
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Youth Development
  • Academic Persistence and College Matriculation
  • Reducing Youth Violence
  • Stronger Communities
  • Economic Development
  • Closing the Skills Gap
Whether you’re interested in providing an opportunity for one youth to work or funding a larger initiative, we’d love to have a conversation. We specialize in reputation-enhancing partnerships with corporations who identify alignment between your social responsibility pillars and our priority outcomes.