Apply for a Youth Job - STL Youth Jobs
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Apply for a Youth Job

Get Involved – Apply for a Job

We believe you have incredible potential and that the future of our workforce and our region depends on you. We believe your dreams matter, and that your future is bright. We want to support you to define viable careers, gain valuable experience, get the training you need, and contribute to your community and family.

We currently offer a summer program in St. Louis City & North St. Louis County, plus spring and fall programs exclusive to North St. Louis County. Each program is targeted at specific youth and has various requirements for eligibility, including address verification.

Summer Jobs

Summer 2019 Applications Now Open

Our summer employment program includes job readiness training, up to 160 hours of paid employment and support from a job coach. This program is available to youth between the ages of 16-24 living in particular neighborhoods within the City of St. Louis and various North County Municipalities

Address verification is required.

Spring & Fall Jobs

Applications are NOW OPEN!

Paid training and up to 200 hours of employment, plus job coaching and follow-up services. This program is available to youth who are living in North St. Louis County, unemployed and are not currently enrolled in school.

Address verification is required.