Our Mission - STL Youth Jobs
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Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to bridge the divide between our region’s youth and the growing skills gap in our workforce.

We envision a city where our youth have the opportunity they need to succeed, and our businesses have the workforce they need to compete.

On one hand, we have a growing number of disengaged youth in our city with an unemployment rate higher than any other working group. On the other hand, we have employers ready to hire but they lack access to quality skilled workers

STL Youth Jobs bridges this divide by training our youth to be ready for the jobs of tomorrow through individualized career assessment, financial literacy and job readiness training, employment experience and continuing career support.

Research proves that youth employment programs are one of the most effective ways to transform youth outcomes – benefiting our economy and targeted communities across St. Louis.

We invested in this program as a company because we felt the power of opportunity – we give our youth the access they need, while simultaneously addressing the skills gap in our region.

– Pat Sly, Executive VP, Emerson