Timeline - STL Youth Jobs
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Due to COVID-19, we made changes to our Summer 2020 program. We remain committed to providing youth with valuable job readiness trainings and experiences this summer in a safe and healthy manner.

Summer 2020 Program – Online Workforce Academy. See details here.

Next Steps & Timeline:

  1. Youth will be checked for eligibility and contacted on a first-come, first-served basis. (If a youth has already been contacted for an interview, disregard this step)
  2. If selected and space permits, youth will receive a call or text from an STL Youth Jobs representative to schedule an interview.
    1. Interviews can happen as early as February 1st and will continue until spots are full. (Due to COVID-19, all interviews are happening virtually (phone, zoom, skype, etc.), until further notice.
    2. If a youth applied in January, do not be alarmed if a phone call is not received until May or later. It takes time to filter through all of the applications.
  3. When arriving for the scheduled interview, youth should come dressed in business casual attire to the best of their abilities. (This is the case regardless if in-person or virtual interviews are scheduled.)
  4. Upon successfully completing the interview, youth are typically scheduled for mandatory job readiness training sessions (all trainings are now virtual, due to COVID-19).

Adjustments and updates will be made accordingly to all plans and dates as we learn more from school and government officials regarding action steps around COVID-19.

If selected for the program, youth will need to provide the following documents to Human Resources once scheduled:

  • A photo ID (examples: current state ID, driver license, school ID).
  • Social Security Card or Birth Certificate.
  • A piece of mail (with the youth’s name and address on it) that verifies the address associated with the youth application.
  • Accepted applicants are required to have a bank account. If youth have an account, they must show a voided check or letter from the bank with the account number, routing number, and youth’s name. If youth do not have an account, we will assist youth in opening a bank account during the enrollment process.

The above items are needed to officially complete youth enrollment so that youth are eligible for a summer job and to receive a paycheck.

How can a youth check on the status of an application?:

Depending on the volume of applications that we have received, the amount of time it will take for youth to hear from an STL Youth Jobs representative will vary. If youth have questions about the status of the application, youth may call 314-499-8176, extension 2 or email youthjobsstl@gmail.com.

Make all messages clear, identifying the youth’s name on the application and a good contact phone number and email address.