Our Results - STL Youth Jobs
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Our Results

Our Results

In our 2013 pilot program we raised funding from 47 investors, engaged 67 job sites, and hired 194 youth.
In 2014 we doubled the program.

We’ve noted progress on indicators for individual youth, which with scale will transform our workforce.

We’re committed to measuring our results, holding ourselves accountable, showing our youth and our investors a powerful return, and continually improving our program for maximum results. We hire an external evaluator to measure the success of our program, and here’s what we’ve learned.

We employ youth who would otherwise not have employment access

Our program was their first job0%
Would not otherwise have had a summer job0%

Our youth are better equipped to handle finances

Feel better able to manage the money they have0%
Saved money they earned during the program0%

Our youth become a more desirable workforce

Felt they would be better workers in future jobs after this program0%
Being in the program made them want to get more schooling0%
Working made them feel like a better person0%
Learned critical things that will help them in future jobs like how to get along with a supervisor and coworkers, and what it takes to be a good worker0%
Felt proud of the work they did on a frequent basis0%

Our youth use our program as a springboard to future employment

Still working! More than 3/5 of our 2013 youth utilized connections, experience, and job coach support to retain employment or obtain new employment after the program0%
This job helped them decide what type of work they want to do in the future0%
Felt better prepared to look for a job0%
Acquired references for future jobs during this experience0%

Our youth want to work!

With minimal marketing, we’ve stopped taking applications after over 2,000 youth have applied each year. We were able to fund 640 jobs in 2017. Imagine the potential for our region if every youth that desired to work was given the opportunity to do so.

In short, our youth want to work and our program is an investment in the future of our workforce. Our supply of youth that want to work significantly exceeds our current capacity to support it by more than a 5:1 ratio.

If the prospect of investing in the future of our workforce through youth employment is interesting to your corporation or foundation, please contact us to discuss partnership opportunities.