Our Partners - STL Youth Jobs
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Our Partners

Our Partners

The future of our workforce, our youth, and our region requires all partners working together to ensure success.

Partners come in all shapes and sizes, with varying objectives and interests. Youth employment covers a broad range of stakeholder interests. It’s our practice at STL Youth Jobs to meet with prospective partners, understand the objectives you’re seeking to accomplish, and identify the most strategic opportunities for partnership that allow us to work together for the future of our region. There are several ways that we engage with partners:

As Investors

We know that for many corporations and foundations in our area, the future of our workforce and the future of our youth are critical priorities. We assemble reputation-enhancing, outcome-driven partnerships in ways that allow both of us to accomplish critical objectives as we partner for the future of our region.

As Employers

Our program hinges on identifying employers in a combination of high-growth industries, area of youth interest, and proximity to our target neighborhoods. We provide trained and job-ready youth, subsidize their salary through partnership with investors, and you provide an excellent employment experience.

As Partner Organizations

We think every meaningful youth job is an investment in the future of our region. We celebrate the work of every organization in our area that is giving youth critical employment experience, and we look to partner with other agencies and organizations who have a shared vision.

Our youth are our rising leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, our workforce of the future. It is our responsibility to create opportunity and to pave the way today for them to build a great tomorrow for our region.

– Mayor Francis Slay