Our History - STL Youth Jobs
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Our History

The History of STL Youth Jobs

We believe in the power of youth employment to dramatically affect the future of our region.

STL Youth Jobs is the collective brainchild of a diverse group of funders, individuals, businesses, nonprofits, and civic leaders, including the City of St. Louis Mayor’s office, the Greater St. Louis Community Foundation, MERS Goodwill, the Incarnate Word Foundation, the St. Louis Youth Violence Prevention Taskforce, and a host of other stakeholders. This committed group began convening in 2012 to discuss major issues about the future of our region’s workforce and our youth, and determined that a creative, cross-sector solution must be launched.

We researched best practices in youth employment programs throughout the country, identified a broader group of stakeholders who were willing to invest in a pilot program, and launched our first initiative in the summer of 2013. The program was hugely successful and revealed two important things: First, the demand was huge. With almost no marketing, 1000 youth applied for jobs. Second, our community saw the value in this initiative. We raised enough funding to employ 200 youth.

We hired an external evaluator to help us understand the impact of our work and doubled the program in 2014 to employ 400 youth.

With each new year, we are exploring more strategic methods to enhance our long-term impact and identifying partners who have a shared value for investing in the future of our workforce.

We truly believe in the power of youth employment to transform a number of indicators that dramatically affect the future of our region.

We are actively seeking corporate partners, employers, and other interested organizations and individuals who share a passion for the future economic prosperity of our region. Contact us if you’d like to have a conversation.

Our youth want to work!

With minimal marketing, we’ve stopped taking applications after over 1000 youth have applied each year. We were able to fund 700 jobs in 2018. Imagine the potential for our region if every youth that desired to work was given the opportunity to do so.