Ferguson Forward - STL Youth Jobs
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Ferguson Forward

Ferguson Forward

STL Youth Jobs is proud to partner with Emerson as part of the Ferguson Forward Initiative.

If you want to shape the future of a community, invest in the future of its youth. #FergusonForward

Youth employment has measurable effects on many critical indicators that affect both the trajectory of our youth and the future of our workforce. We are excited to bring this powerful initiative to the community of Ferguson. Learn more about the power of youth employment.

Our Ferguson Forward youth jobs program will differ from our summer jobs program by employing 100 Ferguson and Dellwood youth for 6 months. Youth will be employed at local small businesses and corporations at no cost to the employers. With fidelity to our model, we will provide wraparound employment support including individualized assessment, financial literacy, soft skills, and job readiness training, job coaches, and follow-up support.

Emerson has agreed to fund these positions and local employers have agreed to mentor youth throughout the 6-month program. If you want to shape the future of a community, invest in the future of its youth. We applaud Emerson for its forward-thinking approach, and its willingness to invest deeply in the future of its Ferguson workforce.

Interested in investing in a youth employment program in a community that’s important to you? Contact us to discuss how our model can be applied to transform the future of your workforce by transforming the future of your youth.

Emerson knows, as I do, that the long-term recovery of this region will come from sustainable job growth.

– Clint Zweifel, Missouri State Treasurer