Career with STL Youth Jobs
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Careers with STL Youth Jobs


STL Youth Jobs is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization connecting youth ages 16-24 with local employers for a summer job. STL Youth Jobs’ mission is to bridge the divide between our region’s youth and the growing skills gap in our workforce. The organization was founded on a cross-sector collaborative effort of philanthropic organizations, civic leaders, corporations, and community leaders who are passionate about creating opportunities for youth and growing the economic prosperity of our region.  STL Youth Jobs utilizes its strategic partnerships to provide youth services and programming from vendors such as MERS Goodwill, St. Louis Internship Program (SLIP), and St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment (SLATE). Since 2013, STL Youth Jobs has provided nearly 4,000 youth with paid work experiences, job readiness and financial literacy training, and career and mentoring services.

The following positions are available with STL Youth Jobs:

2 Practicum Opportunities (for MSW graduate and BSW undergraduate students)
  1. Micro, foundation level, nonprofit program (MSW & BSW)

STL Youth Jobs will be providing practicum opportunities to students interested in working in direct practice with youth, community development and resourcing, program development, and more. Hours are flexible and can be adjusted to fit the needs of the students. Depending on availability and length of practicum, the student may be eligible for hourly pay as a staff person. This position is based out of the MERS Goodwill office in downtown St. Louis working under supervision by an MSW and with program staff.

Student’s duties can range from, but are not limited to:

Working with current clients toward goals, including:

  • Employment-assistance with resume building, interviewing skills, job searching, etc.
  • Education-assisting youth with getting to the next step on their educational journey.
  • Facilitating group job training sessions with youth.
  • Follow up with clients to gather post program data.
  • Completing intakes/career assessments
  • Matching youth with appropriate employers
  • Case management to program participants
  • Social media outreach with alumni

Program Development

  • Working with the STL Youth Jobs Director of Programs to make evidenced based improvements to the existing program model.
  • Researching best practices of other youth programs and identifying ways to weave them into the current model.
  • Develop training that introduces youth to growing fields in St. Louis.
  • Create packet of resources for the youth (Job readiness tips, job search techniques, employment centers, etc.)
  • Opportunities to attend meetings with the steering committee and development team to gain insights into the program.

Youth Recruitment

  • Connecting with various youth serving organizations to inform the community about program updates, applications, etc.


  • Apply by submitting a resume and cover letter to Jerica Robinson.

2. Macro, concentration level, nonprofit management and strategy (MSW)

STL Youth Jobs will offer practicum opportunities to students interested in working in evaluation, program research and/or design, marketing, community relations, and/or development, and/or partner relations. The STL Youth Jobs practicum could also be an ideal opportunity for students interested in nonprofit management. Multiple projects are in rotation and practicum job descriptions can be molded to student’s interests. Hours are flexible and can be adjusted to fit the needs of the students. Some hours are remote and weekly in-person meetings with senior staff members will also be held. Opportunities to observe  external meetings with board members, contractors, employers, donors, and strategic partners will also be made available. Student’s duties can range from, but are not limited to:

Program Evaluation Planning

  • Assist with the design and implementation of a data collection and analysis process to gather information on past youth participants and employers.
  • Conduct follow-up surveys and focus groups with past participants.
  • Develop a set of recommendations for engagement with past participants, including incentives, resources and referrals, and case management.

Development of STL Youth Jobs Ambassador Group

  • Design and assist with the formation of an STL Youth Jobs Ambassador Group comprised of youth participants who are willing to serve as program ambassadors (to funders, press, partners, etc.)
  • Duties include researching best practices of youth-led groups, determining size and participation criteria for members, outlining benefits to members (compensation, professional development, etc.), suggesting meeting times and formats, etc.

Marketing and Communications

  • Manage assigned responsibilities of the organization’s internal and external communications plan, including assisting with the creation of press releases, social media strategy development and implementation, database management, etc.
  • Research media contacts, target relationships, and best practices on public and community relations.
  • Create marketing collateral and messaging to reach audiences of youth participants, donors, and employer partners.
  • Assist with an audit of all communication materials, including printed materials and website, to ensure consistent branding strategy.
  • Assist with the integration of a CRM software.


  • Provide grant writing and fundraising support for operation and program support for STL Youth Jobs
  • Maintain and update donor pipeline of foundation, corporate, and government grant opportunities that meet the scope of STL Youth Jobs.
  • Assist the Director of Development with cultivation strategy for prospective donors.
  • Prepare and submit letters of intent grant proposals (including all supporting materials, i.e. letters of support, budgets, etc., and grant reports, as directed by Director of Development.
  • Provide support in managing donor relationships through preparing cultivation materials and follow-up.

Employer Relations

  • Assist Director of Employer Relations with employer recruitment, outreach, and communication.
  • Research regional labor trends and sectors, as well as local companies with skilled high-demand job opportunities.
  • Research educational and career pathways available to youth in St. Louis.


  • Apply by submitting a resume and cover letter to Executive Director Hillary Frey