STL Youth Jobs in the News
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Youth Jobs in the News

Below are news mentions of STL Youth Jobs, as well as other interesting articles about youth employment generally.

Sep 18 2014

Emerson Announces ‘Ferguson Forward’ to Benefit Ferguson, North County

Emerson Chairman and CEO David N. Farr this morning unveiled an education and employment program to support renewed community enrichment and development in the Ferguson and North County area.

The program, called “Ferguson Forward,” was created to support the Ferguson community with four pillars of focus, supporting a range of ages and developmental stages:

  • Early childhood education
  • Youth jobs
  • Scholarships for college, technical and trade careers
  • Business development training

Recognizing paid work experience, training, mentoring and job retention can and does have a direct and significant effect in reducing high rates of youth helplessness, violence and crime, a $750,000 funding commitment will support youth employment in the North County area. Emerson’s new “Ferguson Forward” program will tap into MERS Goodwill Industries and the existing STL Youth Jobs program and will include funding for 100 jobs for eligible Ferguson-area youth between the ages of 16 and 23.

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Sep 18 2014

Emerson provides funding, resources to Ferguson

Emerson CEO David Farr announced a new program that would invest millions of dollars and resources into the Ferguson community Thursday morning.

Called Ferguson Forward, the program will focus on supporting early childhood education, youth jobs, scholarships for college and technical and business development training. Emerson, which is based in Ferguson, is renewing its commitment to the area, Farr said.

Emerson will commit $750,000 to aid youth employment, including funding for 100 jobs for eligible Ferguson area youth between the ages of 16 and 23.

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Sep 18 2014

Emerson pledges millions for education, job training in Ferguson area

David Farr, CEO and chairman of Emerson, on Thurssday unveiled his company’s plan to support the Ferguson area by targeting early childhood education, jobs for young people, and college, technical and business development training.

Dubbed “Ferguson Forward,” the plan includes more than $4 million in new funding as well as a redirection of half of the company’s existing commitments to the United Way.

The Emerson plan also includes a $750,000 funding commitment to support youth employment in North County. Farr said Emerson will work with MERS Goodwill Industries and the STL Youth Jobs program. The company will also fund 100 jobs for Ferguson-area youth ages 16 to 23.

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